What to Bring to Camp Parsons


  1. Scout shirt with all insignia
  2. Conservative-colored shorts to wear with uniform shirt
  3. Neckerchief and neckerchief slide
  4. Coat hanger for all of the above; (optional, but strongly recommended)
  5. Scout book
  6. Pencils/pens, notebook with paper
  7. Tennis shoes (boots optional, not necessary unless it rains)
  8. Sleeping bag and sleeping pad
  9. Personal toiletries
  10. Extra clothes
  11. Towels for beach and bath
  12. Swimsuit
  13. Rain gear (it happens...)
  14. Old shoes, tevas, or aqua sox for the beach (a must!)
  15. Flashlight, extra batteries and bulb
  16. Money (approximately $50 for rifle range, snacks, merit badges, more if water skiing)
  17. Pocket knife
  18. Fishing gear (optional)
  19. Camera (optional)
  20. Compass (generally optional; but necessary for Orienteering MB and scout ranks below Star; may also be required for Hullaballoo)
  21. Twine or cord for clothesline
  22. Clothes bag (for wet or dirty clothes)
  23. Container for small items and valuables (they get lost easily in the tents)
  24. Eating utensils, bowl or plate and a metal or plastic cup
  25. Xmas lights, outdoor extension cords, splitters
  26. Musical instruments (note: Parsons can be dusty and rowdy, proceed with caution)

Put your name on everything. This list is extensive, but you should add items that you think would come in handy. Avoid "over equipping" with too many things like extra underwear and socks. Please don't bring anything fragile, delicate or valuable. The more stuff you have, the easier it is to lose something.

Boys should pack themselves! Parents, they won't know what's in the bag if they don't pack it. Also, they won't learn unless they are part of the packing process. Help them with the planning and packing, but let them do it.

Do Not Bring

Valuable items are discouraged because of risk of damage or loss. Musical instruments can be kept in the scoutmaster's cabin or in his car. Have a box for cash and small items so they don't get lost in the tent.

Prescription medicine should be kept with the scoutmaster and administered according to the prescription. Please supply enough medicine for the week and clear, detailed instructions for the harried (very harried) scoutmaster to follow.